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Bible Dog

There are many things about our dog Ramsey that make her special to us. She protects our home from the ferocious mailman Tom, she keeps my husband’s side of the bed warm all day when he’s at work, and she’s a wonderful sibling to our kids. But what makes Ramsey so...

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Murphy the Table Dog, King of the Hill

Sweet Murphy joined me when he was five and I was in my 20s, living alone for the first time. Murphy the schnauzer was my constant companion. My old man. But from the start we had a little battle over who was in charge of the house. He had me whipped.  In fact he used...

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When Baxter, my Golden Retriever, was first handed to me when he was 10 weeks old I knew I had a very special little blonde bundle.  I know everyone thinks their dog is the best, most loving and special little bundle of joy but Baxter was a very unique dog. Like most...

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