How Giving Dog Came to Be

Dogs have always been part of our lives – from the wonderful companions we had as children to keeping an AKC champion grounded as the family pet. Dogs, we think, enrich our lives with their funny personalities, their intuition and their complete devotion.

There’s nothing like the unconditional love they give you. And that’s what Giving Dog is all about. Our inspiration is Murphy, Callan, Slater, Louis, Hans, Nancy, JJ, Ramsey, Baxter, Tiger, Annabel, Pippen, Baby Momma, and all the dogs in our lives who played, ran, jumped, ate, slept and comforted us when we needed it most.

They are all Giving Dogs. They make you feel good – warm, comforted, calm and a little more in touch with yourself.

We think yoga does the same. The practice of yoga, something we’ve enjoyed for more than 15 years, helps create a deeper sense of peace and purpose. The time spent on our mats is a time for reflection, contemplation, and development of inner and outer strength.

Both our dogs and our yoga have been big part of our lives. So, we designed t-shirts and hats to reflect both. And have a little fun in the process.

But we also want to support American manufacturers and the rebirth of our textile industry. Our shirts are made in North Carolina from the finest organic cotton. And our hats cut and sewn and assembled in Ohio.

Show your inner dog (or yogi) with a GivingDog shirt and hat – and share your stories and memories. Then give your dog a hug. And get nothing but love in return.