Giving Dog Tote Bag


You’ve already confirmed your love of all things yoga and dog; now you can be super chic by carrying your goodies in our fun, fashionable canvas tote bag!

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Whether you’re transporting your yoga supplies to and from class or picking up a stash of your K-9’s favorite treats, this bag screams versatility and, ‘Hey, I love dogs…and yoga!”

While you may just be a fan and not actually participate in yoga or treat buying…maybe you’re more of a dancer or maybe your the relativeĀ of a pup owner, the design of this tote can even serve your other needs such as groceries or regular gym gear! The handle is long enough to sling on your shoulder and the 14″x12″ size with an expansion to 6″ keeps the weight evenly distributed.

******Caution: this bag is not intended to transport dogs, puppies, cats dressed as dogs, yoga instructors or dogs posing to be a yoga instructor.

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Dimensions 14 x 6 x 12 in