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The Plane Posture, or Vimanasanaelongates your arms while balancing on one leg, outstretched to the world and ready to take on whatever challenges life may bring. This is part of the essence of your Plane Dog. While calm and focused, this pup is still ready to help you achieve new heights. He provides relaxation and stability just like this strengthening posture. 

Your K-9 companion is always there for you extending his love. He will soar with you on days of delight and lie with you on days you are in the dumps. This shirt is comfortable enough to do all those things and all the while acknowledging the role your dog plays. You probably can’t imagine your life without a dog now nor can you imagine  life without yoga. They both aim to balance and focus you and those that you love. 

Order your Giving Plane Dog shirt today and display how your dog has given back to you!

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This is one of the softest t-shirts you can buy.

That’s because each Giving Dog t-shirt is made from fine imported organic cotton and then completely made right here in the USA by folks dedicated to reviving the textile industry here at home. Our t-shirts are light-weight, 4.3 ounce combed ringspun cotton (a very high quality process that makes the shirts stronger and smoother inside and out), and super soft.

Plus, our supplier uses a special printing technique that uses environmentally friendly water-based inks that become part of your shirt without using harsh chemicals, or plastisol ink (used in most t-shirt printing) that can crack, peel and become uncomfortable over time.

AND THEY ARE TAGLESS – well almost. The only tag on our shirts is a small, super-soft size label. No itchy, bothersome tags. Just complete comfort. Did we mention they are soft? We really mean it. One customer even said ‘it’s your favorite t-shirt even before you put it on.’

T-shirts are true to size. No guessing.

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